Eco Friendly PET Recycled Fabric

In Taiwan , an increasing number of suppliers are starting or boosting production of fabric made from PET chips.  Production of recycled synthetic fabric in Taiwan  is on the rise. This comes as growing environmental consciousness in developed countries is spurring heightened demand for all things "green," including such fabric.  

Suppliers in Taiwan have been one of the first to respond to such calls for environment-friendly options to petroleum-based textiles.  The most common type of "green" fabric uses filaments extruded from recycled PET chips. PET from soda bottles is broken down into the molecular level until it can be polymerized and turned into polyester chips. These are then extruded into filaments and spun into the fiber and yarn used to weave or knit fabric.  This process not only prevents PET bottles from ending up in landfills but also minimizes the use of petroleum in the textiles industry.  

The cost of PET chips increased up to 30 percent in 2007 and suppliers raised fabric prices 10 percent in response. No further price adjustments are expected in the next six months.   Recycled synthetic fabric for jackets. The most importantly
it is eco-friendly for the earth. Any inquiry kindly please connect with us any time.